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Design Proposal Office building in Orlando, view 1.
Similar profile to a potential GRANDO®
Design Proposal Office building in Orlando, view 2.
Design Proposal Office building in Orlando, view 3.
Construction of a spiral parking garage in Augsburg (Germany)
Debrecen Architect´s design for a bank building in Debrecen (Hungary).
Downtown location Architect´s design for a down town car park.
JAF magazine article Two page photo, JAF magazine (Japan Auto Federation), the AAA of Japan.
ADAC magazine article Front page photo, ADAC magazine (30 million readers), the AAA of Germany.
AVIS magazine article
Two page article, AVIS (Europe).
Model top view Top view inside (model).
Model 2 top view Top view with 4 cars on Tender (model).
Model underground Underground structure (model).
Building inside Building inside with Tender (steel structure; under construction).
Top view Roof structure (under construction).
Crosss sectional view Cross sectional skeletal view of a GRANDO® unit.


System GRANDO® is available for licensing or joint ventures in other parts of
the world (excluding Europe, USA, Korea). If you are interested, contact us.
Last modified on July 2004