Parking - as safe as in a bank safe

High safety and security
Competitive price
Simple and sturdy structure
Fail-safe operation
Short construction time
High level of automation

The unfortunate reality in parking spheres in America today is: the chronic lack of space in city centers - almost 2 Million stolen cars every year - plus more than 500,000 reported violent crimes in parking structures alone - countless cases of thefts, damage and vandalism and users suing ramp operators for health hazards by CO pollution, among others.

GRANDO® will help to change this.

We offer the parking public an environment of friendly, safe and secure shelter as well as a cost efficient, high-tech alternative to conventional parking facilities. The unique design of the cylindrical GRANDO® Parking Stations, features space and operational efficiency and competitive costs, especially in underground parking.

The area required by conventional multi storage garages has considerable space wastage. More than half of it is unusable as parking space, being taken up by ramps and lanes. Cars need much maneuvering, entry and exit areas with which to operate ideally and efficient. This loss of efficiency is costly, and should be avoided if at all possible.

Therefore we build compact automated multi-storage garages with ample room which can be assimilated into very small building sites. A small footprint of just 92 feet diameter is the GRANDO®; it fits ideally in small inner city lots of approximately 100 x 120 feet and creates up to 500 valuable parking spaces.

System GRANDO® is a cylindrical structure, above and/or below ground, housing a hi-tech helical storage facility for automotive vehicles. The inner configuration consists of either poured-in-place ferro-concrete pillars and slabs, or steel pillars supporting prefabricated floor panels. A third construction method is I-beams and steel plates. The style is determined by the necessary requirements of the locale.

The facility can be constructed completely below ground... completely above.... or both, depending on land and other factors. The materials and services, which make up approx. 2/3rds of the total project costs, can be obtained locally, thereby lowering resistance of import prejudice.

We do not make use of conventional elevators or lifts, but a sturdy vehicle (tender) which carries the cars up and down, while revolving around an imaginary central axis. It requires very little of the usable space in which to operate - the most satisfying method of maximizing available space.
The structual make-up is a spiral track upon which a 2 or 4 armed tender ascends and descends past the 80 to 150 parking slots of the 2 arm capacity type, or the 200-300 slots of the 4 arm capacity type.

The tender is propelled by 8 electric motors driving 8 solid heavy-duty elasto-polymere (VULCOLAN®) tires. A high-tech shuttle device operated by a firm tensile strength chain, loads and unloads the tender with the customer's vehicle.

The structure can be configured with two, three or four entrance and/or exit chambers, variably, depending on the traffic load specifications. The chambers are shuttered, making them self-contained modules.

The entire facility is controlled and watched over by a central computer system with back ups. When a car approaches, the shutter opens allowing the vehicle to enter. A sensor at the wheel positioning port notifies the computer that the car is ready for docking. Visually and verbally the driver is instructed as to the method, and departs, taking with him a chip-equipped "smart card" that contains all pertinent information. It is important to note at this point that the securing of the pedestrian exit door allows the computer to proceed. This security feature prevents machine-human interaction.

The tender parts are provided by a hi-tech subsidiary of a well known German aerospace company, using readily available, high grade components like Siemens motors, SEW Eurodrive gears, and other standard industrial machine parts, thus reducing costs.

System GRANDO® is available for licensing or joint ventures in other parts of
the world (excluding Europe, USA, Korea). If you are interested, contact us.
Last modified on July 2004