Functions in Detail

Example: Underground car park, 230 spaces


consists of

the AREA in front of the ENTRANCE
the ENTRANCE unit itself
the EXIT (to be used by the driver only)
the AREA in front of the EXIT

The access area represents the interface between man and machine and is therefore of greatest importance for safety and security, as well as for the function of the unit. Passengers leave the car in the well-lit and clearly marked lobby in front of the entrance, with traffic light guidance. Car detectors cause the opening of the transparent roll-gate shutter, and grooves guide the vehicle to the spacious entrance chamber, up to the security stops which

prevent the vehicle from rolling too far
cause the shutting of the roll-gate shutter

The driver then switches off the engine, and

leaves his/her car
locks it
walks to the door next to the roll-gate

where he/she

takes his/her ticket (a chip card or "smart card") from the terminal
steps out into the lobby

there he/she notices the video monitors, upon which he/she can watch the car being

hauled onto the TENDER
transported up or down the central shaft of the spiral storage area
pushed into one of storage chambers

Later on when retrieving his/her vehicle, he/she will pay at the self serving pay-desk, and watch his/her car upon the video monitors being

pulled out of the car storage chamber
transported up or down the central shaft of the spiral car storage area
pushed into one of the exit chambers for easy retrieval

The roll-gate shutter will then open and he/she can

load groceries into the trunk if desired or
simply step into the driver´s door, and drive out of the exit chamber

In the course of this procedure, the customer will notice, with full satisfaction, that there is no further impediment to the immediate exit of the car/vehicle from the GRANDO® parking station complex. A satisfied customer who will return....