Functions in Detail


The fail-safe two unit central computer (powered through a battery buffer) controls and supervises all functions of the parking station. It receives the parking ticket data (ticket number, time) from the ticket dispenser and transfers it to the tender controller, which administers the utilization of the storage area. The central computer is connected to the following units:

the ticket dispensers and check-out units (cash desks)
the Entrance and Exit controller (SPC = Stored Program Control)
the TENDER controller (SPC TENDER control)
the CONTROL ROOM or External Control Center (e.g. a Security Company)

The central computer is at all times informed by sensors and the units mentioned above, of the operational status of the GRANDO® unit. The central computer has the the following functions:

supervision of the driver´s movements (accident prevention)
Operation control and protocol
Reports any failures to the control room
Keeps track on the service intervals and reports these to the control room

Instigates necessary immediate action (e.g. in case of a power failure:)

starts the emergency generator
switches over to secondary power supply
shuts down all entrance chambers, as the amount of fuel stored for the emergency generator engine is under all circumstances sufficient to safely deliver all cars in the unit to the exits as desired by the customers. A full back-up, allowing continuous operation under any circumstances is also possbile as an option

In principle all controllers could be combined in one (cheaper) big unit, but one of the basic principles of GRANDO® is redundancy, meaning that

No failure of any single unit should force
the whole system to stop service.