Construction & Engineering

The construction is most economically accomplished by either method:

cast-in-place of pillars and panels with flying forms

dry mounting of concrete or steel pillars and enforced concrete floor panels

dry mounting of steel pillars and steel floor panels.

This means using locally available plants close to the construction sites for series or mass production, and/or local concrete construction companies, which in turn reduces local resistance against the outsider.

Our recommended construction method is - wherever possible - to utilize vertical steel I/H-beams and precast concrete panels.

The concrete or H-beams are vertical, the floors horizontal, in much the shape of steps of a spiral staircase.

The construction may be realized:

ground level

partly underground

totally underground

The approaching lanes may lead infrom any direction, above or below ground level.

Although the size of the car storage chamber remains approximately the same, the number of chambers per one turn varies with the type of Tender (lifting device) with two or four modules used. Each type of Tender (for two or four cars) requires a different diameter shaft to fit its own particular set-up. In this way the structure can be customized many ways to the specific requirements of the customer and the site.