Functions in Detail


Consider, 95% of its life-time, a car spends either parked or stored. Multi car storage requires a special field of storage technology. We are specialists in such matters, particularly with big and heavy items of machinery, cars and vehicles.

The main functions of every storing facility are:

Storage space

For example, in case of a public garage of only 300 spaces, which are used four times daily, these elements are utilized 1,200 times daily!


Often repeated functions have to be rationalized, and their daily loads must determine the level of most economic rationalization: mechanization and automation.Today, common MECHANIZATION of current conventional parking facilities comprise:

automatic bars
entrance and exit terminals
automatic pay-desks
operator controls

which have by now reached the limits of rationalization by most standards of cost effectiveness.
Urgently required improvements in cost effectiveness can only be realized if the main function is to be rationalized utilizing AUTOMATION techniques, such as:

automation of "input" and "output"
regulation and control by computer
automation of all operative stages, including revenue control and

Manual methods are:

too dangerous
too complicated
too expensive and prone to error

These manual methods have proven satisfactory to date, but are insufficient for the pressures and loads of modern urban conditions. Cost effectiveness, maximizing of efficiency, and of course convenience, are of prime concern for both the investor and the customer.

With the GRANDO® automatic Spiral Parking Module System, we offer all these features, together with considerable involvement of local industries, which slots cleanly into a Joint Venture format. This should satisfy any negativity which may arise with local manufacturers.